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The United States Government Manual is a directory of federal agencies. Entries include a description of responsibilities of the agency, contacts, and references to the legislation that established the agency. The most popular legal directory is the Martindale Hubbell Law Directory, which provides a listing of attorneys and law firms by state and other countries. The website allows for searches by lawyer, practice area, or geographic location. Administrative law is the body of law that governs the activities of administrative agencies of government. Government agency action can include rule making, adjudication, or the enforcement of a specific regulatory agenda.

Before going to court, citizens must usually first object to the decision with the administrative body who made it.

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An example involves objecting to a traffic ticket with the district attorney "officier van justitie", after which the decision can be appealed in court.

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Administrative law in Germany, called "Verwaltungsrecht" de:Verwaltungsrecht Deutschland, generally rules the relationship between authorities and the citizens and therefore, it establishes citizens' rights and obligations against the authorities. More…

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