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As a body of law, administrative law deals with the decision making of the administrative units of government for example, tribunals, boards or commissions that are part of a national regulatory scheme in such areas as police law, international trade, manufacturing, the environment, taxation, broadcasting, immigration and transport. Administrative law expanded greatly during the twentieth century, as legislative bodies worldwide created more government agencies to regulate the social, economic and political spheres of human interaction. Administrative law in the People's Republic of China was virtually non existent before the economic reform era initiated by Deng Xiaoping. Since the 1980s, the People's Republic of China has constructed a new legal framework for administrative law, establishing control mechanisms for overseeing the bureaucracy and disciplinary committees for the Communist Party of China. However, many have argued that the usefulness of these laws is vastly inadequate in terms of controlling government actions, largely because of institutional and systemic obstacles like a weak judiciary, poorly trained judges and lawyers, and corruption. In 1990, the Administrative Supervision Regulations s?? and the Administrative Reconsideration Regulations s?? were passed. The 1993 State Civil Servant Provisional Regulations ƌ???s changed the way government officials were selected and promoted, requiring that they pass exams and yearly appraisals, and introduced a rotation system. The three regulations have been amended and upgraded into laws. In 1994, the State Compensation Law ??@ was passed, followed by the Administrative Penalties Law s??@ in 1996. Administrative Compulsory Law was enforced in 2012. Administrative Litigation Law was amended in 2014.

Sometimes, instead of bezwaar, a different system is used called "administratief beroep" administrative appeal.

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In 1994, the State Compensation Law ??@ was passed, followed by the Administrative Penalties Law s??@ in 1996.

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Administratief beroep is available only if the law on which the primary decision is based specifically provides for it. More…

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Before going to court, citizens must usually first object to the decision with the administrative body who made it.